Event Calendar

Here's our 2015 schedule!
As you can see we've slowed down on the competitions.....

Santa Clara  June 27th  ~we'll be there!
Oakland Aug 1st

May 30th~RSH  cooked for Fundraiser~
"Camp for Kids with Diabetes" for the Los Gatos Lions

June 20th~RSH and Too Ashamed to Name
 supported "Ric's Rightous Ribs" and cook for  a
fundraiser benefiting  "Achieve Kids"

In the month of July RSH will be BBQ-ing lunches for
Fortes Auto Body

2015 Past Competitions
Lake Havasu  Feb. 28th           ~Competed
Santa Anita March 21st           ~Competed
Mesquite May 3rd                     ~Competed
Bakersfield May 16th       ~Worked Event

Events for 2014

There were 21 Events on our wish list, we were able to make 13 of them.

Brisket was definitely our strongest this year. In California we are 11th and 98th in the National Rankings.

2014 Past Events

Feb 22nd  Palm Springs, Ca                      Attended
Mar 1st Havasu, Ca         
Mar 22nd Santa Anita, Ca                         Attended
Apr 20th Mesquite, Nv                                       No  

May 3rd
Elk Grove, Ca                                 No    
May 3rd   Laughlin, NV                               Attended

May 10th Long Beach, Ca                                Attended
May 17th Bakersfield, Ca                                 Attended

June 7th  Valley Center                                            No   

Jun 21st   Pachanga ~ Temecula, CA            Attended
Jun 28th
Santa Clara, Ca                                 Attended
July 12 Rohnert Park, Ca                                         No   
July 26th Vista, Ca                                                     No
Aug 2nd Oakland, Ca                                       Attended
Aug 9th   Brentwood                                       Attended

Sep 8th Las Vegas                                            Attended
Sep 13th Cameron Park, Ca                           

th Dana Point, Ca                                     Attended
Oct 10th Bullhead City, AZ                              Canceled
Oct 17
th Lancaster, Ca                                     Canceled

Oct 30th Laughlin, NV                                     Attended

Past Events:
January 1, 2013       Lake Elsinor, CA
Feb 23, 2013     Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk  ~  Clam Chowder !
Mar 2, 2013     Paterson Cook-off
Mar 26, 2013     Santa Anita, CA      
Mar 30, 2013     Las Vegas, NV
Apr 7, 2013      Sacramento, CA

Apr 21, 2013      San Jose, CA       
May 11, 2013      Long Beach, CA
May 18, 2013     Bakersfield, CA     
May 25, 2013     Brentwood, CA     
Jun 8, 2013        Placerville, CA
Jun 15, 2013    Filmore, CA

Jun 22, 2013      Pachanga, CA

Jun 29, 2013      Santa Clara, CA      
Jul 13, 2013         Santa Rosa, CA
Jul 21, 2013     Placerville, CA      
Jul 27, 2013        Woodlake,CA

Aug 3, 2013         Vista, CA    signed up
Aug 17,  2013      Huntington Beach, CA
Aug 24, 2013      Lake Port, CA

Aug 31, 2013      Mesquite, NV
Sep 14, 2013       Cameron Park, CA

Oct 5, 2013   We canceled Dana Point to stay home for the birth of our 1st Grandchild!
Oct 18, 2013        Lancaster, CA 
Nov 2, 2013        Laughlin, NV

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